Here you would find the best Olive Oil and at prices not available in any store!

Macadamia oil is known as the essential oil that has omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 in it's list. It a soft cholestrol that means it lessens the hard cholestrol that is the danger. You can also use it as a salad dressing. If you would li

Product Code: Bas9001 Product Description: This olive oil is a product off Italy. It is a perfect balanced oil and not a blend, that is produced at room temp.  Call 082 7785 800 or for more information click here

Product Code:  Bas9003 Product Description:  This olive oil is a product off Italy. This product is produced after Extra Virgin oil is produced at room temp.  Call 082 7785 800 or for more information click here 

This special design on the bottle is nice to use after you finished the oil. The design is a Basso exclusive design. The Basso Extra Virgin oil is a high quality oil that can be used in Salads, vegtables, on meats and daily drinking for health.

Product Code: BAS4455 Product Description:  This 5lt Basso extra virgin is pack in a quality tin with the fitting artwork on the tin. This size of the Basso Extra Virgin olive oil is normaly used at Hotels, Lodges and Restuarants. If ther

Product Code: BAS4477 Product Description: The Extra Virgin Oilve oil also comes paked in a 750ml pack size for those that would like to buy smaller units as the live alone or uses a little of Extra Virgin Olive oil. If you need more informati

Product Code: BAS4488 Product Description: The Basso Pomace Oil is very popular in the preparing of sauces and frying of meat or adding as a pasta dressing. If you need more info on the Basso Pomace oilve oil please contact us on 082 778 5800

Product Code: BAS6677 Product Description: The is the best seller Olive Oil under all olive oil lovers. Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml are sold for the first time on the web in South Africa. If you would like to know more about this prod

Product Code:  BAS8890 Product Description: The Basso Extra Virgi Olive Oil 1.5lt are now in you local Makro Store or you can buy it on line. If you need more information on this product you may contact us on 082 778 5800 or mail us by clic
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