Here you would find the best Olive Oil and at prices not available in any store!

Here you should be able to find all your cleaning degergents that you will use around the house, factory and offices.

Basson coffee is a family coffee. It was developed by Johan Basson after he realized that there is a market for coffee that was freshly grounded, that still tast fresh when the consumer used it. The coffee is only roasted after you order it! There are also the Fresh Beans and Fresh Plunger ranges.

Here you can make you own personilized gift for you favourite persone or that special person in your life. You send us the picture and we place it on the gift of your choice from our list. You can also make these gifts for the staff that you work with, Be creative!

Soap 25g wrapped

We manufacture all sizes of self inking rubber stamps and also customized rubber stamps. The use of a Laser engravergives us the oppertunity to ensure quick and fast service delivery. We replace inkpads on all other stamp brands and also can offer to only make the text plate if the unit still works fine.

We do all kinds of Engraving. This includes Hand Engraving and Laser Engraving. Now you can do all at one store. We do engraving on all your trophies, mugs and many more. You can contact us on 082580 6235or click here to mail us for more detail.

Basso Exstra Virgin Cold Press Olive Oil 1lt
This product is a new product, as the label is new and the shape of the bottle....

Peanut Snack 80g

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